Welcome to my fanart gallery! I've completely resized, re-scanned, and revamped this site!! I've even added thumbnails! ^___^ I can't believe how awful it looked wonder no one ever came to my site *sniff* Oh well! All art here *unless otherwize noted* belongs to don't use it without asking!! All my work is signed by me (JK) so I'll know if you steal it. If you ask nicely and bow at my feet I'll prbly let you use it with a link to me. ^_^ All characters on this page *except for the art in the original fanfiction section* belong to their respected companies. I apologize if I have butchered them ^-^;; And the characters have been reproduced for personal enjoyment only.

Ja ne!

Last updated on...
July 28, 2001

New art added in the 'Other Anime Gallery' and the 'Original Art Gallery'!!!
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